Industrial Relations Commission

Industrial Relations Commission

Industrial Relations Commissions are government courts or tribunal set up by a state or country to regulate and adjudicate on employment and industrial issues between employees and employers. These bodies are predominantly found in Australia where bodies in each of the states of that nation were set up from the early to 1900's to deal with industrial issues.

The bodies are an attempt to mitigate the effects of the common law on employment contracts between employers and employees.

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... A reference to such a commission in the United States may be a reference to the Industrial Commission ...
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... The Australian Fair Pay Commission (AFPC) was an Australian legislative body created under the Howard Government's "WorkChoices" industrial relations law in 2006 to set the ... the wage setting functions of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission, the AFPC set and adjusted a single adult minimum wage, non-adult minimum ... The profile of the members of this commission was different from that of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission which previously had responsibility for ...
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... Throughout the years from 1904 to 2006 the Australian Industrial Relations Commission created Awards which set the minimum terms and conditions of employment for people who worked for certain employers ... The Australian Industrial Relations Commission would also certify enterprise bargaining agreements ... The Australian Industrial Relations Commission also registered trade unions and dealt with demarcation disputes between unions ...

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