Indian Courser - Threat


Globalisation and unplanned developmental activities have affected the occurrence of the Indian Courser in some parts of the country. Pande et al.,(2003) cited that the population of the Indian Courser is declining at an alarming rate in its natural habitat. In Haryana, it has now become a rare breeding resident in Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary. In the 1960s, it was common and lived among the scrub and wasteland vegetation of the campus of the National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India, but now it is rarely sighted there. In Gujarat, once upon a time, the Indian Courser was very common in grasslands and fallow lands. But it seems to be disappearing from some of the areas where it was found. Most of the area has been converted to human habitation and agricultural activity. In Abdasa Taluka of Kachchh district in Gujarat, main foraging habitat of the Indian Courser consists of short and sparse grasslands and fallow lands. This natural habitat is destroyed in some areas and disturbed due to the movement of heavy vehicles and the development of industrial establishments.

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