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Buddhism And Sexual Orientation - Tibetan Buddhism
... masters of the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism, followed the Indian Buddhist tradition, starting with the third-century Hinayana texts of Vasubandhu, that oral and anal sex, whether with a ... century founder of the Nyingma school, citing the third-century Mahayana texts of the Indian master Asanga, elaborated that inappropriate sexual behavior also include ... accept all these specifications as delineated in the earlier Indian Buddhist texts ...
Daniel A. Arnold
... His work focuses on Indian Buddhist philosophy, which he engages in a constructive and comparative way ... His particular interests are in Indian Buddhist Madhyamaka, and in the appreciation of Indian Buddhist philosophy as an integral part of the broader tradition of Indian philosophy ... In this regard, he has been especially interested in issues disputed between Buddhist schools and the orthodox Brahmanical school of Pûrva Mimamsa ...

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    Most of the folktales dealing with the Indians are lurid and romantic. The story of the Indian lovers who were refused permission to wed and committed suicide is common to many places. Local residents point out cliffs where Indian maidens leaped to their death until it would seem that the first duty of all Indian girls was to jump off cliffs.
    —For the State of Iowa, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)