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History Of Physics - Influential Physicists
... discovered the uniform acceleration rate of falling bodies, improved on the refracting telescope, discovered the four largest moons of Jupiter, described projectile motion and the concept of weight known ... in gases Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943) developer of modern alternating current (AC) flow, improved on the dynamo, patents and theoretical work formed the basis of ... Niels Bohr (1885 - 1962) used quantum mechanical model (known as the Bohr model) of the atom which theorized that electrons travel in discrete orbits around the ...
BRDM-2 - Variants - Soviet Union
... This model carries a crew of four the commander, the gunner, the driver, and the co-gunner ... Final production model had two additional turret periscopes, one on top of turret and the other one on the left hand side of the turret and a TNA-2 ... BRDM-2RKhb – improved model that can also be used for biological reconnaissance, thanks to specialised equipment including the DP-5B röntgenmeter and biological aerosol ...

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    The best way to teach a child restraint and generosity is to be a model of those qualities yourself. If your child sees that you want a particular item but refrain from buying it, either because it isn’t practical or because you can’t afford it, he will begin to understand restraint. Likewise, if you donate books or clothing to charity, take him with you to distribute the items to teach him about generosity.
    Lawrence Balter (20th century)

    In this absence of nine years I find a great improvement in the city of New York.... Some say it has improved because I have been away. Others, and I agree with them, say it has improved because I have come back.
    Mark Twain [Samuel Langhorne Clemens] (1835–1910)