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Administrative Detention - Immigration Control
... Immigration detention is controversial because it presents a clash between traditional notions of individual liberty and the territorial sovereignty of States ... guarantee the immigrant's participation in immigration hearings, and "Open detention" centers with mandatory reporting requirements ...
History Of British Nationality Law - Commonwealth Immigrants Acts
... was concerned with the possible effect of large-scale immigration from its former colonies in Asia and Africa ... the Commander of a British protectorate) subject to immigration control ... in an independent Commonwealth country or British Consulate remained free from immigration control ...
Luohu District - Immigration Control Point
... Luohu serves as an important immigration control between Hong Kong and Mainland China ... Two immigration control points, Luohu and Man Kam To, are located in the Luohu district ... The Luohu immigration point is the busiest land boundary patrol in Mainland China and Hong Kong ...
Overview of Passport Stamps of Countries - Asia - Malaysia
... Malaysian immigration authorities apply stamps for both entry and exit in all foreign passports and non-biometric Malaysian passports without in-built microchips ... Immigration officers have a tendency to scribble flight numbers or stamp or write the name of vessels next to the entry/exit stamps ... A peculiarity is the autonomy of the Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak in immigration affairs ...
Commonwealth Citizen - Rights and Disabilities in The United Kingdom
... of Commons as long as they possess indefinite leave to remain or do not require leave under the Immigration Act 1971 (c ... are not British citizens are few, but in the case of immigration control, very important ... who are not British citizens) who do not have the right of abode are subject to immigration control, including control on the right to work and carry out business ...

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    The awareness that health is dependent upon habits that we control makes us the first generation in history that to a large extent determines its own destiny.
    Jimmy Carter (James Earl Carter, Jr.)

    I was interested to see how a pioneer lived on this side of the country. His life is in some respects more adventurous than that of his brother in the West; for he contends with winter as well as the wilderness, and there is a greater interval of time at least between him and the army which is to follow. Here immigration is a tide which may ebb when it has swept away the pines; there it is not a tide, but an inundation, and roads and other improvements come steadily rushing after.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)