Immaculate Conception Academy of Manila

Immaculate Conception Academy of Manila (also known as ICAM or ICA Manila) is located at 2212 S. del Rosario St., Gagalangin, Balut, Tondo, Manila, Philippines. It is a private Catholic school run by the Missionary Sisters of Immaculate Conception (MIC).

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    I know that there are many persons to whom it seems derogatory to link a body of philosophic ideas to the social life and culture of their epoch. They seem to accept a dogma of immaculate conception of philosophical systems.
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    ...I have come to make distinctions between what I call the academy and literature, the moral equivalents of church and God. The academy may lie, but literature tries to tell the truth.
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    Through art we express our conception of what nature is not.
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    A virgin from her tender infancy,
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