The abbreviation IJN may refer to:

  • International Justice Network or IJNetwork, a Human Rights Organization
  • Imperial Japanese Navy, the navy of Japan from 1868 until it was dissolved in 1947
  • Institut Jean Nicod, a French interdisciplinary research center
  • Institut Jantung Negara, National Heart Institute in Malaysia
  • Intermountain Jewish News, an international weekly newspaper publication located in Denver, Colorado

Other articles related to "ijn":

Super Shimakaze Class Destroyer
... destroyer of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN), developed during the Second World War ... The IJN Fleet Command gave them the project number V6 ... However, the project was cancelled with none of the proposed ships being completed, because the IJN was defeated at Midway on June 1942 ...
National Heart Institute Of Malaysia - History
... in General Hospital Kuala Lumpur 1992 - Establishment of Institut Jantung Negara (IJN), Malaysia’s premier heart centre and the first medical services ...
Japanese Minelayer Itsukushima - Operational History
... the Combined Fleet Maneuvers of 1935, she was attached to the IJN 4th Fleet and suffered damage due to a typhoon in what was termed the "Fourth Fleet Incident" ... Istukushima was assigned to the IJN 3rd Fleet from 20 October 1936, but is reassigned directly to the Combined Fleet after the Marco Polo Bridge Incident and the start of the Second Sino-Japane ... of the Chinese coast until October 1937, Istukushima was reassigned back to the IJN 3rd Fleet and stationed at Ryojun Guard District ...
Chidori Class Torpedo Boat - Background
... In 1930, the London Naval Treaty was concluded in which the IJN received a heavy limit on the destroyers ... The IJN planned to build the under 600 tons class destroyer which were not limited by the treaty, and the category Torpedo boat was revived for them ... After Chidori was completed, the IJN discovered on her trials that her center of gravity was too high and that she was 92 tonnes (91 long tons 101 short tons) overweight ...
Akizuki Class Destroyer (1942)
... was one of the primary classes of new destroyers of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) after 1942 ... The IJN called them Type-B Destroyer (乙型駆逐艦,, Otsu-gata Kuchikukan?) from their plan name ... class of destroyers Japan fielded during the war and was well regarded in the IJN ...