II Production Order

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List Of Air Ministry Specifications - List of Specifications (incomplete) - 1920-1929
... powered by a supercharged engine - Bloodhound three aircraft order - revised from 3/22 (q.v.) Bristol Bloodhound 25/22 Single-seat night interceptor ... Boulton Paul Bugle II, Boulton Paul Sidestrand 31/22 4-seat heavy night-bomber Handley Page Hyderabad 32/22 Single-seat deck-landing torpedo-carrier - Spec ... supersedes 3/20 (q.v.) Blackburn Dart II, Bristol Brandon 37/22 Three-seat deck landing reconnaissance aircraft - Blackburn/Bison replacement Blackburn ...
List Of Air Ministry Specifications - List of Specifications (incomplete) - 1930-1939
5/30 Mail carrier Vickers Type 166 Vellore II 6/30 ab initio trainer - Lynx-Avro (Avro 504N) production order Avro 504N F.7/30 Fighter capable of at least 250 mph and armed with four machine guns ... reconnaissance flying boat - Rangoon three-aircraft production order Short Rangoon R.20/31 Twin-engined flying boat - all-metal Kestrel-engined Southampton II (Southampton IV/Scapa ... Blackburn Perth 25/32 Basic trainer - revised-Tutor production order Avro Tutor I B.23/32 Twin-engine medium bomber - written for Heyford I IA production order Handley Page Heyford Mk ...

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