IEEE 754 Revision

IEEE 754 Revision

IEEE 754-2008 (previously known as IEEE 754r) was published in August 2008 and is a significant revision to, and replaces, the IEEE 754-1985 floating point standard. The revision extended the previous standard where it was necessary, added decimal arithmetic and formats, tightened up certain areas of the original standard which were left undefined, and merged in IEEE 854 (the radix-independent floating-point standard).

In a few cases, where stricter definitions of binary floating-point arithmetic might be performance-incompatible with some existing implementation, they were made optional.

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... Due to changes in CPU design and development, the 2008 IEEE floating point standard could be viewed as historical or outdated as the 1985 standard it replaced ... In 754 the definition of underflow was that the result is tiny and encounters a loss of accuracy ... Work is starting in 2008 on a proposed IEEE standard for interval arithmetic ...