Ice Roads

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Ice Road
... Ice roads (ice crossings, ice bridges) are frozen, human-made structures on the surface of bays, rivers, lakes, or seas in the far north ... They link dry land, frozen waterways, portages and winter roads, and are usually remade each winter ... Ice roads allow temporary transport to areas with no permanent road access ...
Ice Road - Around The World - Sweden
... In the northern part of Sweden are many ice roads ... Vägverket maintains them, but some private ice roads also exist ... Ice roads are usually put in when ice thickness exceeds 20 cm (7.9 in) ...
Ice Road Truckers - Season 3
... Synopsis Season 3 of Ice Road Truckers covers the Dalton Highway, which connects Fairbanks, Alaska, Coldfoot, Alaska, and Deadhorse, Alaska near Prudhoe Bay, as well as ... The tagline for the season is "In the Dark Heart of Alaska, there's a road where hell has frozen over" ... the dash for the cash was fought on the smooth playing field of Canada's Arctic ice ...
Ice Road Truckers - Season 1
... The mining companies that owned the road where the first season was filmed felt that the show portrayed the road in a negative fashion ... A new rule for the Tibbitt to Contwoyto Winter Roads was enacted for the 2008 season, prohibiting commercial, media, video or rolling film cameras either inside or attached to the outside of vehicles ... The show's producers located an alternate ice road for the second season of the show ...
John Denison (engineer) - Biography
... Limited, with whom he engineered a network of winter ice roads throughout the Northwest Territories to service various mines (including Port Radium, Discovery Mine, and Tundra Mine) ... to attempt truck freighting on winter roads into Yellowknife (that honour goes to Al Hamilton of Grimshaw Trucking in the mid 1950s), he perfected the ... His major interest was hauling around large buildings on ice roads between mining camps ...

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