ICarly (soundtrack) - Track Listing - Fan Pack Edition

Fan Pack edition
No. Title Artist Length
1. "The Countdown" iCarly Cast 0:15
2. "Leave It All to Me" (feat. Drake Bell) Miranda Cosgrove 2:41
3. "What's Next Baby" iCarly Cast 0:10
4. "Stay My Baby" Miranda Cosgrove 3:05
5. "About Me?" iCarly Cast 0:08
6. "About You Now" Miranda Cosgrove 3:10
7. "Build-A-Bra" iCarly Cast 0:11
8. "Beautiful Girls (Nickelodeon Mix)" Sean Kingston 3:43
9. "Sam's Second Toe" iCarly Cast 0:20
10. "I Don't Wanna Be in Love" Good Charlotte 4:04
11. "Locked In the Closet" iCarly Cast 0:20
12. "I Like That Girl" Leon Thomas III 3:02
13. "We Hated Your Girlfriend" iCarly Cast 0:14
14. "Girlfriend (Nickelodeon Mix)" (feat. Lil' Mama) Avril Lavigne 3:05
15. "Blueberry Belly Button" iCarly Cast 0:12
16. "Freckles" Natasha Bedingfield 3:45
17. "Gas Station Snacks" iCarly Cast 0:19
18. "Face in the Hall" Naked Brothers Band 3:20
19. "You Can't Do That!" iCarly Cast 0:20
20. "Let's Hear It for the Boy" The Stunners 3:00
21. "Ten Things Boys Like" iCarly Cast 0:18
22. "Thunder" Boys Like Girls 3:56
23. "Headphones Are Huge" iCarly Cast 0:27
24. "Headphones On" Miranda Cosgrove 3:03
25. "Suckish Improv Game" iCarly Cast 0:28
26. "Move" Menudo 3:31
27. "World's Fattest Priest" iCarly Cast 0:22
28. "I'm Grown" (feat. Bow Wow) Tiffany Evans 3:35
29. "The New Way" iCarly Cast 0:10
30. "Leave It All to Me (Jason Nevins Remix)" (feat. Drake Bell) Miranda Cosgrove 2:26
31. "So Hot it Hurts Me" iCarly Cast 0:16
32. "Whatever My Love" Mickey Drummond 3:29
33. "Their Music is Soooo Good" iCarly Cast 0:14
34. "Take Me Back" Backhouse Mike 2:19
35. "Back to One" iCarly Cast 0:13
Deluxe Fan Pack edition bonus track
No. Title Artist Length
36. "Leave It All to Me (Music Video)" (Feat. Drake Bell) Miranda Cosgrove 2:46

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