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Prof. Dr. I Made Bandem (also known as "the Joe Papp of Bali") is a Balinese dancer, artist, author, and educator. See: http://www.nytimes.com/1990/08/19/arts/theater-the-joe-papp-of-bali-finds-himself-in-a-cultural-pickle.html

Bandem studied Balinese dance from a very early age, and was performing Baris and other dances by the age of ten. One of the first Balinese dancers to study in the United States, Bandem earned his masters' degree in dance from UCLA, and his PhD in ethnomusicology from Wesleyan University. Bandem's academic career includes sixteen years as the director of the Indonesian College of the Arts in Denpasar, and was also the Rector(President) of Indonesia's oldest cultural institution, the Institut Seni Indonesia - Jogjakarta (Indonesian Institute of The Arts - Jogjakarta. Dr. Bandem is succeeded by Prof. Soeprapto Soedjono, B.A., M.F.A., Ph.D as the current Rector(President) of The Indonesian Institute of the Art - Jogjakarta. Dr. Bandem is currently a professor of Balinese dance and music at The College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts.

At Holy Cross, Bandem currently teaches both music and dance dealing with the Bali-Gamelan. He is well respected throughout Bali and many other countries as an integral component to the recognition, respect, and continuation of the Balinese culture.

As an artist and as a visiting scholar, Bandem has taught and performed Balinese dance throughout the world.

Bandem’s accomplishment and contribution to arts and culture can be group into four major domains including achievements in ethnomusicology, educational administration, arts and culture management, and political career.

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