Hydrolysis Reaction

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GTPase-activating Protein - Mechanism
... This hydrolysis reaction, however, occurs very slowly, so the G proteins in essence have a built-in timer for their activity ... have a window of activity followed by slow hydrolysis which turns them off ... attack and lower the transition state energy for the hydrolysis reaction ...
Acid Dissociation Constant - Applications and Significance
... near the physiological pH for the study of biochemical reactions the design of these solutions depends on a knowledge of the pKa values of their components ... However, the ligand may also undergo protonation reactions, so the formation of a complex in aqueous solution could be represented symbolically by the reaction m+ +LH (m−1)+ + H3O+ To determine the ... In addition, the metal ion is subject to hydrolysis, that is, it behaves as a weak acid, so the pK values for the hydrolysis reactions must also be known ...

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