Hydraulic Hooklift Hoist - System Components - Safety Features

Safety Features

A series of safety valves act to ensure safe operation of the system.

  • Counterbalance valves, also called load holding valves or over-center valves, serve as hydraulic resistance to the actuating cylinder when the load weight is required to be held in position for a period of time. These come in two distinct configurations, both highly effective in improving load handling safety during a loss of hydraulic pressure: essentially locking the lift/dump cylinder in-place, preventing potential free fall of the load in the event of hydraulic failure.
* Remote mounted system, in which the counterbalance valve is mounted outside the cylinder. This is the more cost effective solution, but can be prone to damage.
* Integral system, in which the counterbalance valve is built directly into the main cylinder, eliminating the potential for damage by falling debris.
  • Jib safety valves are not a feature of all systems, but are designed to render the jib cylinder inoperable during the dump cycle. This protects the system from damage should the operator accidentally pull the wrong control lever during the dump cycle.
  • The hook latch covers the opening in the hook head, effectively securing the lift bar inside the hook head during transport and dump. It is designed to augment the rear lock system during transit
  • Some systems utilize proximity switches to indicate to the operator which part of the lift/dump cycle is current, or whether there is a fault in the system. These can me mounted in a variety of locations throughout the hoist. When activated, a red warning light and/or alarm sounds in the cab.
  • Below grade reach is the distance that the hook head travels below the lifting bar on the container. This distance varies between hoist systems, ranging from 1 to 24 in or 25 to 610 mm. A below grade reach of 5 in (127 mm), or greater, improves stability when working on uneven ground.

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