Hurricane Dean

Hurricane Dean was the strongest tropical cyclone of the 2007 Atlantic hurricane season. It was the most intense North Atlantic hurricane since Hurricane Wilma of 2005, tying for seventh overall. Additionally, it made the third most intense Atlantic hurricane landfall. A Cape Verde-type hurricane that formed on August 13, 2007, Dean took a west-northwest path from the eastern Atlantic Ocean through the Saint Lucia Channel and into the Caribbean Sea. It strengthened into a major hurricane, reaching Category 5 status on the Saffir–Simpson Hurricane Scale before passing just south of Jamaica on August 20. The storm made landfall on the Yucatán Peninsula on August 21 as a powerful Category 5 storm. It crossed the peninsula and emerged into the Bay of Campeche weakened, but still a hurricane. It strengthened briefly before making a second landfall near Tecolutla in the Mexican state of Veracruz on August 22. Dean drifted to the northwest, weakening into a remnant low which dissipated uneventfully over the southwestern United States.

The hurricane's intense winds, waves, rains and storm surge were responsible for at least 45 deaths across ten countries and caused estimated damages of US7009166000000000000$1.66 billion. First impacting the islands of the Lesser Antilles, Dean's path through the Caribbean devastated agricultural crops, particularly those of Martinique and Jamaica. Upon reaching Mexico, Hurricane Dean was a Category 5 storm, but it missed major population centers and its exceptional Category 5 strength landfall caused no deaths and less damage than in the Caribbean islands it passed as a Category 2 storm.

Through the affected regions, cleanup and repair took months to complete. Donations solicited by international aid organizations joined national funds in clearing roads, rebuilding houses, and replanting destroyed crops. In Jamaica, where the damage was worst, banana production did not return to pre-storm levels for over a year. Mexico's tourist industry, too, took almost a year to rebuild its damaged cruise ship infrastructure.

Dean was the first hurricane to make landfall in the Atlantic basin at Category 5 intensity since Hurricane Andrew on August 24, 1992. Dean's Category 5 landfall was in a sparsely populated area and thus far less damaging than Andrew's, even though Dean was much larger, but its long swath of damage earned its name retirement from the World Meteorological Organization's Atlantic hurricane naming lists.

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... See also List of retired Atlantic hurricane names As the first Category 5 landfalling hurricane in 15 years, and due to its widespread impact, the name Dean ... replaced by Dorian on List V of the Atlantic hurricane naming lists, which will next be used in the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season ...
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... Category 5 hurricane (SSHS) Duration August 13 – August 23 Peak intensity 175 mph (280 km/h) 905 mbar (hPa) A vigorous tropical wave moved off the west coast of Africa in the ... depression was upgraded to Tropical Storm Dean on August 14 ... to strengthen overnight as it gained organization, and on August 16 it was upgraded to the first hurricane of the 2007 season ...
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... The next day, at 1630 UTC on August 22, Hurricane Dean made a second landfall, this time near the town of Tecolutla, Veracruz, as a Category 2 hurricane ... Most intense landfalling Atlantic hurricanes Rank Hurricane Season Landfall pressure 1 "Labor Day" 892 ... mbar (hPa) 2 Gilbert 900 ... mbar (hPa) 3 Dean 905 ... mbar (hPa) Hurricane Dean, at its second ... Although Dean's rains caused flooding as far inland as Mexico City, where they closed a portion of Puebla-Mexico highway, the damage was concentrated in the states of ...
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... The meteorological history of Hurricane Dean began in the second week of August 2007 when a vigorous tropical wave moved off the west coast of Africa into the North Atlantic ocean ... On the morning of August 13, the National Hurricane Center recognized the system's organization and designated it Tropical Depression Four while it was ... On August 14 the depression gained strength and was upgraded to Tropical Storm Dean ...
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... The National Hurricane Center consistently predicted that the storm would intensify and pass through the islands ... As Hurricane Dean approached, the island nations began to prepare with a flurry of activity ... Kitts in advance of the hurricane to provide damage assessment should the hurricane affect those islands ...

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