Humboldt Bay

Humboldt Bay is a natural bay and a multi-basin, bar-built coastal lagoon located on the rugged North Coast of California, United States entirely within Humboldt County. It is the largest protected body of water on the West Coast between San Francisco Bay and Puget Sound and the largest port between San Francisco and Coos Bay, Oregon. The regional center and county seat of Eureka and college town Arcata adjoin the bay, which is the second largest enclosed bay in California. In addition to being a seasonal or permanent home to more than 200 bird species and 100 species of fish, Humboldt Bay is the second largest estuary in California and houses the largest commercial oyster production operation on the West Coast, producing more than half of all oysters farmed in California.

The Port of Humboldt Bay (sometimes also referred to as the Port of Eureka) is a deep water port, with harbor facilities that include large industrial docks at Fairhaven, Samoa, and Fields Landing designed to serve cargo and other vessels, while several marinas also located in Greater Eureka have the capacity to serve hundreds of small to mid-size boats and pleasure craft. Since the 1850s, the bay has been used extensively to export logs and forest products as part of the historic West coast lumber trade, with infrequent shipping occurring currently.

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Coast Guard Air Station Humboldt Bay - History
... The Coast Guard has long had a presence on and about Humboldt Bay. 1856 and continuing uninterrupted, the service has operated on Humboldt Bay and provided life-saving assistance on the Bay and all along the North Coast, out at sea and, as time went by, it ... On Humboldt Bay the USCG has operated at the same site continuously at least since 1878 based at its historic facility, the Humboldt Bay Life-Saving Station ...
Samoa, California - History
... the area, the north spit at the entrance to Humboldt Bay was used by a series of Federal government projects including the 1851 to 1892 Humboldt Harbor Light, in 1862, a prisoner ... Vance Lumber Company purchased the Humboldt Bay frontage from Samoa Land and Improvement Company for construction of a large sawmill in 1892 ... The Samoa sawmill was the largest in Humboldt County when purchased by Andrew B ...
Samoa, California - Samoa Peninsula
... The coastal bar separating Humboldt Bay from the Pacific Ocean has been breached by a dredged channel to allow commercial shipping to enter the bay ... of foggy days caused mariners to call the approach to Humboldt Bay a "graveyard of the Pacific" in days before modern navigational aids were available ... landmarks on the higher ground east of Humboldt Bay were obscured by a low overcast of smoke from lumber mills and homes using wood fuel ...
Humboldt Bay - Bay Tributaries and Sloughs
... Streams and sloughs that enter into Humboldt Bay are listed north to south, clockwise, with tributaries entering nearest the bay listed first ... The primary streams of major watershed areas east of the bay (draining a combined area of 288 square miles (746 km2)) are in bold ... Mad River Slough Liscom Slough Janes Creek (enters the bay as McDaniels Slough) Jolly Giant Creek (enters the bay as Butcher Slough) Campbell Creek (partially channeled to Gannon Slough) Fickle Hill Creek ...
Humboldt Bay Harbor Recreation & Conservation District
... The Humboldt Bay Harbor Recreation Conservation District (HBHRCD), created in 1972 by local voters, is the governing body of the Port of Humboldt Bay, a deep water port, and ... The District is responsible for the immediate environs of Humboldt Bay, California, USA (including marsh lands, estuaries, etc.) and all improvements and facilities located at Shelter Cove, a small oceanside ... Due to conditions at the Bar (entrance to Humboldt Bay), only pilots trained and employed by the District are used to bring vessels beyond a certain size into or out of the harbor unless the ship's pilot has ...

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