Hudson Strait

Hudson Strait links the Atlantic Ocean to Hudson Bay in Canada. This strait lies between Baffin Island and the northern coast of Quebec, with its eastern entrance marked by Cape Chidley in Quebec and Resolution Island off Baffin Island. The strait is about 450 mi (720 km) long. Its width varies from 150 mi (240 km) at its largest point, to a minimum of 40 mi (64 km).

Hudson Strait was discovered by the British explorer Henry Hudson in 1609 on board the British ship Discovery. Hudson Strait links the northern seaports of Manitoba and Ontario with the Atlantic Ocean. It could be an eastern entrance to the Northwest Passage were it not for ice in the Fury and Hecla Strait south of western Baffin Island. However, with the advent of Global Warming, and the continued melting of the Arctic ice cap, the Northwest Passage appears to be destined to become an important trade route between the Atlantic Ocean, Alaska, and northern Russia.

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Hudson Strait - Extent
... International Hydrographic Organization defines the limits of the Hudson Strait as follows On the West.A line from Nuvuk Point (62°21′N 78°06′W / 62.35°N 78.1 ...
74th Meridian West - From Pole To Pole
79.450°N 74.000°W / 79.450 -74.000 (Nares Strait) Nares Strait 78°0′N 74°0′W / 78.000°N 74.000°W / 78.000 -74.000 (Baffin ...
72nd Meridian West - From Pole To Pole
... Ellesmere Island 79°41′N 72°0′W / 79.683°N 72.000°W / 79.683 -72.000 (Nares Strait) Nares Strait 78°33′N 72°0′W / 78.550°N 72.000°W / 78.550 -72.000 (Greenland ...
Area Codes 819 And 873
... the National Capital Region, and the entire Hudson Strait and Ungava Bay coastlines of Quebec ... covered the entire western half of Quebec from the US border to Hudson Strait ... Late in the 1970s, the northern portions of 418 served by Sotel and Bell along James, Hudson and Ungava Bays and Hudson Strait, as well as the eastern N.W.T ...
Cape Wolstenholme
... Located on the Hudson Strait, about 28 kilometres (17 mi) north-east of Quebec's northernmost settlement of Ivujivik, it is also the northernmost tip of the Ungava Peninsula, which is in turn the ... Here the strong currents from Hudson Bay and the Hudson Strait clash, sometimes even crushing trapped animals between the ice floes ... A 1,263 square kilometres (488 sq mi) area alongside the Hudson Strait and including the cape itself is being considered for becoming a park ...

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