HP 9000

HP 9000 is the name for a line of workstation and server computer systems produced by the Hewlett-Packard Company (HP). The native operating system for almost all HP 9000 systems is HP-UX, a derivative of Unix. The HP 9000 brand was introduced in 1984 to encompass several existing technical workstations models previously launched in the early 1980s. HP 9000 finally reached end of sales life in 2008, being superseded by the HP Integrity (Itanium) server platform running HP-UX. HP-UX workstations are no longer offered.

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HP 9000 - Operating Systems
... Apart from HP-UX and Domain/OS (on the 400), many HP 9000s can also run the Linux operating system ... BSD Unix was ported to the HP 9000 as HPBSD the resulting support code was later added to 4.4BSD ... Its modern variants NetBSD and OpenBSD also support various HP 9000 models, both Motorola 68k and PA-RISC based ...