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Footnote To Howl

Line Reference
“Everyday is in eternity!” A reference to “Auguries of Innocence” by Blake: “Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand/And Eternity in an hour.”
“Holy Peter holy Allen holy Solomon holy Lucien holy Kerouac holy Huncke holy Burroughs holy Cassady...” Peter Orlovsky, Carl Solomon, Lucien Carr, Jack Kerouac, Herbert Huncke, William S. Burroughs, and Neal Cassady.
“Holy the Fifth International A reference to four “Internationals,” meetings of Communist, Socialist, and/or Labor groups. The First International was headed by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels in 1864. The Fourth International was a meeting of Trotskyists in 1938. The Fifth International, Ginsberg would claim, is yet to come.

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Famous quotes containing the word howl:

    The token woman carries a bouquet of hothouse celery
    and a stenographer’s pad; she will take
    the minutes, perk the coffee, smile
    like a plastic daisy and put out
    the black cat of her sensuous anger
    to howl on the fence all night.
    Marge Piercy (b. 1936)