Hotels in Istanbul - List of Local Hotels

List of Local Hotels

The below table lists the hotels operated by the local hotel chains and/or investors. For the list of international chain hotels in Istanbul please scroll below to the following section, List of International Chain Hotels.

Name Date Opened Number of Rooms (Including Suites) Notes
Grand Hotel de Londres 00 Jan 1892 54 Rooms Together with "Hotel Pera Palas, Jumeirah" (listed below in the "List of International Chain Hotels" section of the article), one of the two earliest hotels in Istanbul (both opened in the same year, 1892);
Divan Istanbul Hotel 00 Jan 1956 191 Rooms and Suites One of the pioneers of modern hospitality industry in Istanbul; the old building of the hotel was demolished in 2008, the hotel was completely rebuilt and reopened in 2011;
Çınar Hotel 00 Jan 1958 225 Rooms and Suites
Kalyon Istanbul Hotel 00 Jan 1967 110 Rooms and Suites Located in Sultanahmet, in the historic peninsula of Istanbul;
Konak Hotel 00 Jan 1972 117 Rooms
The Marmara Taksim Hotel 00 Jan 1976 376 Rooms, including 82 Club Rooms and Suites
Hotel Yeşil Ev 00 Jan Mar 1984 18 Rooms and 1 Suite Located in Sultanahmet, in the historic peninsula of Istanbul;
Hotel Dedeman Istanbul 00 Jan 1986 325 Rooms and Suites
Sürmeli Istanbul Hotel 00 Jan 1986 201 Rooms and Suites
Klassis Resort Hotel 00 Jan 1989 308 Rooms, Suites and Villas
Rose Garden Suites Hotel 00 Jan 1991 15 Rooms
Hotel Richmond Istanbul 00 Jan 1992 103 Rooms and Suites
Armada Istanbul Old City Hotel 00 Jan 1994 108 Rooms
Senator Hotel Taksim Istanbul 00 Jan 1994 42 Rooms
Blue House Hotel Istanbul 00 Jan Jul 1997 25 Rooms and 1 Suite Located in Sultanahmet, in the historic peninsula of Istanbul;
LaresPark Hotel Taksim 00 Jan Apr 1999 164 Rooms and Suites
Anemon Galata Hotel 00 Jan 2002 23 Rooms and 7 Suites
Grand Cevahir Hotel & Covention Center 00 Jan 2002 323 Rooms and Suites The hotel has the largest (2,500 m2) ballroom in Europe without structural columns, with the 2,500 persons capacity in theater style and the 1,700 persons capacity in banquet style;
Bently Hotel Istanbul 00 Jan 2003 50 Rooms, Suites and Penthouses
Point Hotel Taksim 00 Jan 2004 174 Rooms, 10 Junior Suites and 10 Senior Suites
Divan Istanbul City Hotel 00 Jan 2005 144 Rooms and Suites
Byotell Hotel Istanbul 00 Jan Jul 2007 146 Rooms Located on the Asian side of Istanbul;
Sirkeci Konak Hotel 00 Jan 2007 52 Rooms
The Marmara Şişli Hotel 00 Jan 2008 98 Rooms
Midtown Hotel Istanbul 00 Jan 2008 80 Rooms and Suites
Titanic Port Hotel Istanbul - Bakırköy 00 Jan 2008 189 Rooms
Divan Istanbul Asia Hotel 00 Jan Nov 2009 230 Rooms and Suites Located on the Asian side of Istanbul;
Point Hotel Barbaros 00 Jan 2009 204 Rooms
The Green Park Pendik Hotel & Convention Center 00 Jan Apr 2010 538 Rooms Located on the Asian side of Istanbul;
Ascot Hotel Büyükada 00 Jan Aug 2010 22 Rooms Located in Büyükada, the largest of the Princes' Islands off the coast of Istanbul, in the Sea of Marmara;
Biz Cevahir Hotel 00 Jan Sep 2010 22 Rooms Located in Sultanahmet, in the historic peninsula of Istanbul;
My Assos Hotel Istanbul 2010 50 Rooms and Suites Located in Sultanahmet, in the historic peninsula of Istanbul;
Palazzo Donizetti Hotel 00 Jan Mar 2011 79 Rooms and Suites
The House Hotel Bosphorus 00 Jan Jun 2011 26 Rooms
Rixos Elysium Suites Taksim Hotel 00 Jan Oct 2011 141 Suites
Limak Eurasia Luxury Hotel 00 Jan 2011 201 Rooms, including 15 Suites Located on the Asian side of Istanbul;
Titanic Business Hotel Europe 00 Jan Mar 2012 331 Rooms
Rixos Pera Istanbul Hotel 00 Jan May 2012 116 Rooms and 21 Suites
Martı Istanbul Hotel 00 Jan Jul 2012 270 Rooms and Suites
Cevahir Hotel Istanbul Asia 00 Jan Dec 2012 198 Rooms Located on the Asian side of Istanbul;
The Grand Tarabya Hotel 00 Jan Feb 2013 248 Rooms and Suites Member of The Leading Hotels of the World;

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