Hot Lotto

Hot Lotto is administered by the Iowa-based Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL), which is best known for the Powerball game. Hot Lotto is available in 15 jurisdictions; by definition, all 15 offer Powerball. (Because of the 2009 Mega Millions/Powerball cross-selling agreement, the 15 lotteries each also offer Mega Millions, with each Hot Lotto member adding Mega Millions on or after the January 31, 2010 cross-sell expansion.) The Maine Lottery was the most recent to join Hot Lotto, in October 2009.

Hot Lotto began sales on April 7, 2002 (the game was introduced to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Powerball the same month); the first Hot Lotto drawing was three days later. Hot Lotto gives smaller lotteries the opportunity to create the "middle-sized" jackpots that are commonplace in single-jurisdiction games which serve a sizable population base, such as Florida Lotto and Lotto Texas.

Hot Lotto drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday, the same nights as Powerball, at MUSL's headquarters in Urbandale, Iowa. Normally, the Hot Lotto drawing is immediately following the 9:59 p.m. Central Time Powerball drawing. Unlike Powerball, the Hot Lotto drawings are not televised; its drawings use a random number generator (RNG), instead of rubber balls, or ping-pong balls (the latter with air mixing the balls.)

Hot Lotto drawings have been recorded and shown online since early 2006; prior to that, Hot Lotto's drawings had been televised. While Powerball drawings moved to Florida in 2009 with the Florida Lottery joining that game, the Hot Lotto drawings (and MUSL headquarters) remained in Iowa.

Other than the addition of the Sizzler option, Hot Lotto's format has not been changed; however, the game will be revamped on May 12, 2013; it will include an all-cash, "taxes-paid" jackpot. (See below for more information.)

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