Horten Brothers

Horten Brothers

Walter Horten (born 13 November 1913; died 9 December 1998 in Baden-Baden, Germany) and Reimar Horten (born 12 March 1915; died 14 August 1993 in Villa General Belgrano, Argentina), sometimes credited as the Horten Brothers, were German aircraft pilots and enthusiasts, and members of the Hitler Youth and Nazi party. Although they had little, if any, formal training in aeronautics or related fields, the Hortens designed some of the most advanced aircraft of the 1940s, including the world's first jet-powered flying wing, the Horten Ho 229.

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Horten Brothers - Surviving Aircraft
... Unrestored examples of the Horten H.IIIh and Horten VI sailplanes are displayed at the Steven F ... Two of the Horten's gliders built in Argentina can be seen at the Museo Nacional de Aeronáutica located in Morón few miles west of Buenos Aires ... An example of the Horten IV glider is located in the "Planes of Fame" aircraft museum in Chino, California ...

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