Hong Kong Institute of Education

The Hong Kong Institute of Education (Abbreviated: HKIEd, Chinese: 香港教育學院) is one of eight subsidised tertiary institutes under the University Grants Committee of Hong Kong. It is the only one dedicated to teacher education.

The history of Hong Kong Institute of Education can be traced back to 1853. St. Paul’s College introduced the first formalised program of in-service teacher training. This was described in its Annual Report for 1994/95. On 25 April 1994, under the recommendation made by the Education Commission Report No 5, it was formally established by the merger of:

  • The Northcote College of Education (羅富國教育學院)
  • The Grantham College of Education (葛量洪教育學院)
  • The Sir Robert Black College of Education (柏立基教育學院)
  • The Hong Kong Technical Teachers’ College (香港工商師範學院)
  • The Institute of Language in Education (語文教育學院)

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