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Honda marketed the CB700SC (also called Nighthawk 700S) in the US from 1984 to 1986, configuring the bike's specification to avoid a 1983 US tariff on motorcycles over 700 cubic centimeters. Honda marketed the CB750SC, a virtually identical bike with a slightly larger engine capacity, outside the US. A very closely related cousin was chain driven, sold in Europe, Australia and Brazil. It continued in production in Brazil for many years.

Similar to the previously introduced 650 Nighthawk, the Nighthawk S featured a 700 cc engine, shaft drive and hydraulic lifters in a bike with angular lines, a small "bikini" fairing and a 16-inch front wheel more typical of a sport bike. The Nighthawk 700S originally (1984–1985) featured black paint with either red or blue blue accent panels. In 1986 the 700SC featured navy blue paint (with white panels and red pinstripes) or black (with red panels and tri color red pinstripes).Valve cover and clutch covers were painted black as well as the wheels.

The engine was the same layout as the 650 Nighthawk's, but a completely different design and shared no parts. It had double-overhead cam, four cylinders, with hydraulic lifters which virtually eliminated valve adjustments. The exhaust was a four-into-two finished in black chrome. The engine was enameled mostly in black with brushed satin silver trim. Other components were also enameled in black including the lower fork legs, handlebars, and rear grab rails.