Homo Magi

Homo magi is a fictional sub-race of magic-using humans in the DC Universe. The Homo magi first appeared in Justice League of America #164 (March 1979), and were created by Gerry Conway and Dick Dillin.

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Atlantis (DC Comics) - Homo Magi
... In the DC Universe the Homo magi originated on the lost continent of Atlantis ... was a focal point for unharnessed magical energies (wild magic), and the local Homo sapiens evolved into Homo sapiens magi as a result of their exposure to these energies ... Today, every human being capable of casting spells is a descendant of the Atlantean "Homo magi" ...
Homo Magi - Strange Blood
... Magic users in the DC Universe are not all Homo magi ... Some are Half-Demons or infused with demonic energy like Merlin's brother of Etrigan the demon, John Constantine, Witchfire, Kid Devil, Blue Devil, Felix Faust, Sebastian Faust, White Magician, and Raven ...
Metahuman - DC Comics: Origins & Definition - Homo Magi
... a branch or offshoot of humanity referred to as the Homo magi, who have interbred with normal humans ... As with aliens and mutants with superhuman powers, Homo magi are also often classed together as Metas by the general public of the DCU ...

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