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XM Satellite Radio - Company - Company Timeline
... Congress to look into creating Digital Audio Radio Service (DARS) in the United States, American Mobile Satellite Corp ... Satellite Radio obtains one of only two satellite digital audio radio service licenses offered by the Federal Communications Commission ... Both Clear Channel and DirecTV agree to develop services for XM ...
Zalma, Missouri - History
... Schrader home is now located ... referred to by a number of names, including the McMinn House, the Brown House, the home of “Aunt Nora” (Eleanora) Bollinger, the old slave farm ... Very few of these early homes had their own water supply, and therefore it was necessary to carry water from a spring located on the river bank, just downstream a few feet from the Mill ...
Pith Helmet - Home Service Helmet
... At the same time, the military adopted a broadly similar helmet, of dark blue cloth over cork and incorporating a bronze spike, for military wear in non-tropical areas ... This helmet led to the retirement of the Shako headdress ... It was rarely considered a "pith helmet" ...

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    Saul clothed David with his armor; he put a bronze helmet on his head and clothed him with a coat of mail. David strapped Saul’s sword over the armor, and he tried in vain to walk, for he was not used to them.
    Bible: Hebrew, 1 Samuel 17:38-39.

    Saul was very tall.

    In ten thousand years the Sierras
    Will be dry and dead, home of the scorpion.
    Gary Snyder (b. 1930)

    Night City was like a deranged experiment in Social Darwinism, designed by a bored researcher who kept one thumb permanently on the fast-forward button. Stop hustling and you sank without a trace, but move a little too swiftly and you’d break the fragile surface tension of the black market; either way, you were gone ... though heart or lungs or kidneys might survive in the service of some stranger with New Yen for the clinic tanks.
    William Gibson (b. 1948)