Hoffman - Artistic Works

Artistic Works

  • Hoffman (film), 1970 comedy film by Alvin Rakoff starring Peter Sellers
  • The Tales of Hoffmann, 1881 opera by Jacques Offenbach
  • The Tales of Hoffmann (film), 1951 film
  • "Lost Keys" (Blame Hofmann), song by Tool
  • The Tragedy of Hoffmann, or a Revenge for a Father (played 1602; printed 1631) by Henry Chettle

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... The Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works has protected the copyrights on literary, scientific, and artistic works since 1886 ... Article 9 of the Convention states that Authors of literary and artistic works protected by this Convention shall have the exclusive right of authorizing the reproduction of these works, in any manner or form ... as well as control over how any derivative work is used, such as a recording of a performance of that song ...
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... Over the centuries, the works became badly deteriorated ... In 1961, the Foundation donated the works to the University of Arizona Museum of Art, where they reside today ...
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... Artistic works that are mass produced by an industrial process suffer from a downgrading of their copyright term from the life of the creator plus 70 years to 25 years as a result ... If section 56(2) of the Bill is enacted then artistic works that are mass produced by the copyright holder will benefit from the same period of protection as those not replicated in large numbers ... century industrial furniture may not be defined by the courts of the United Kingdom as works of artistic craftsmanship but as mere designs ...

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    My plan of instruction is extremely simple and limited. They learn, on week-days, such coarse works as may fit them for servants. I allow of no writing for the poor. My object is not to make fanatics, but to train up the lower classes in habits of industry and piety.
    Hannah More (1745–1833)

    [The pleasures of writing] correspond exactly to the pleasures of reading, the bliss, the felicity of a phrase is shared by writer and reader: by the satisfied writer and the grateful reader, or—which is the same thing—by the artist grateful to the unknown force in his mind that has suggested a combination of images and by the artistic reader whom his combination satisfies.
    Vladimir Nabokov (1899–1977)