HITS Algorithm

HITS Algorithm

Hyperlink-Induced Topic Search (HITS) (also known as hubs and authorities) is a link analysis algorithm that rates Web pages, developed by Jon Kleinberg. It was a precursor to PageRank. The idea behind Hubs and Authorities stemmed from a particular insight into the creation of web pages when the Internet was originally forming; that is, certain web pages, known as hubs, served as large directories that were not actually authoritative in the information that it held, but were used as compilations of a broad catalog of information that led users directly to other authoritative pages. In other words, a good hub represented a page that pointed to many other pages, and a good authority represented a page that was linked by many different hubs.

The scheme therefore assigns two scores for each page: its authority, which estimates the value of the content of the page, and its hub value, which estimates the value of its links to other pages.

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Jon Kleinberg - Research
... is best known for his work on networks and particularly for his HITS algorithm, developed while he was at IBM ... HITS is an algorithm for web search that builds on the eigenvector-based methods used in algorithms and served as the full scale model for PageRank by recognizing that web pages or sites ... The HITS algorithm is an algorithm for automatically identifying the leading hubs and authorities in a network of hyperlinked pages ...
HITS Algorithm - Non-converging Pseudocode
... of the page p 5 function HubsAndAuthorities(G) 6 for step from 1 to k do // run the algorithm for k steps 7 for each page p in G do // update all authority ...

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