History of The Roman Empire

The broader history of the Roman Empire is the period after the Roman Republic. It extends through 16 centuries and includes several stages in the evolution of the Roman state. It encompasses the period of the ancient Roman Empire, the period in which it was divided into western and eastern halves, and the history of the Eastern Roman or Byzantine Empire that continued through the Middle Ages and to the beginning of the Modern Era.

Read more about History Of The Roman Empire27 BC–AD 14: Augustus, 14–68: Julio-Claudian Dynasty, 68–69: Year of The Four Emperors, 69–96: Flavian Dynasty, 96–180: Five Good Emperors, 193–235: Severan Dynasty, 235–284: Crisis of The Third Century, 284–301: Diocletian and The Tetrarchy, 395–476: Decline of The Western Roman Empire

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... settlement were founded outside the Roman city ... The abbey is near the site of a Roman cemetery, which, as normal in Roman times, was outside the city walls ... It is unknown whether there are Roman remains under the medieval abbey ...
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... Roman roads were a vital part of the development of the Roman state, from about 500 BC through the expansion during the Roman Republic and the Roman ... Roman roads enabled the Romans to move armies and trade goods and to communicate ... The Roman road system spanned more than 400,000 km of roads, including over 80,500 km of paved roads ...
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... the only remaining territory of the Byzantine Empire was the Despotate of the Morea, which was ruled by brothers of the last Emperor and continued on as a tributary state to the Ottomans ... The Empire of Trebizond, which had split away from the Byzantine Empire in 1204, became the last remnant and last de facto successor state to the Byzantine Empire ... With the fall of Trebizond, the last remnant of the Roman Empire was extinguished ...

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