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Kirti Chaudhuri - Publications
... List of Reviews Geoffrey Scammell, Times Higher Education Supplement, 7 June 1985 ... Geoffrey Scammell, English Historical Review, October 1987 ... Memon, Journal of Historical Geography, vol ...
La Huacana - Historical Review
... In the sixteenth century, with the arrival of the Spanish, made after the conquest in Apatzingan, La Huacana parcel was delivered to Mr ... Juan Pantoja ...
Colin Holmes (British Historian) - Publications - Books
... ISBN 978-0-04-942160-8 Review, Economic History Review ... Review, International Migration Review, Summer, 1980, vol ... Society 1876-1939 (New York Holmes Meier Publishers, 1979) ISBN 978-0-7131-6189-2 Review, The American Historical Review ...
List Of Books About The War Of 1812 - Indians
... the British Crown, and the War of 1812" in The Michigan Historical Review, 142 (Fall 1988), pp 1–24 ... Western Historical Quarterly 14 (3) 261–276 ... Mississippi Valley Historical Review 45 (1) 51–66 ...
Eric Hobsbawm - Praise and Criticism
... are still widely read in schools here and abroad." James Joll wrote in The New York Review of Books that "Eric Hobsbawm's nineteenth century trilogy is one of the great achievements of ... not that kind of person." Hobsbawm himself, in his autobiography, wrote that he desires "historical understanding ... that "its pros and cons continue to be discussed in the political and historical literature", and refers to Orwell, not by his literary name, but as "an upper-class Englishman called Eric ...

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    If God had meant Harvard professors to appear in People magazine, She wouldn’t have invented The New York Review of Books.
    Anna Quindlen (b. 1952)

    By contrast with history, evolution is an unconscious process. Another, and perhaps a better way of putting it would be to say that evolution is a natural process, history a human one.... Insofar as we treat man as a part of nature—for instance in a biological survey of evolution—we are precisely not treating him as a historical being. As a historically developing being, he is set over against nature, both as a knower and as a doer.
    Owen Barfield (b. 1898)