Historical Inevitability

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Historical Figure - Significance - Inevitability or Determinism
... Both Hegel and Marx advocated historical inevitability in contrast to the doctrine of contingency, allowing for alternative outcomes, that was advocated by Friedrich Nietzsche ... However, Marx argued against the use of the "historical inevitability" argument when used to explain the destruction of early communes in Russia ... Vladimir Lenin accepted the laws of history that Marx had discovered, including the historical inevitability of capitalism followed by a transition to socialism ...

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    Nature never rhymes her children, nor makes two men alike. When we see a great man, we fancy a resemblance to some historical person, and predict the sequel of his character and fortune, a result which he is sure to disappoint. None will ever solve the problem of his character according to our prejudice, but only in his high unprecedented way.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)