Hinges may refer to:

  • Hinges, Pas-de-Calais, France
  • Hinges (album), an Andy Partridge album

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List Of Canada's Worst Handyman 2 Episodes - Episode 6: The Finishing Touches - The Entertainment Unit
... Jeff – Jeff's main mistake is in the use of his hinges originally, he wanted his hinges to be mounted on the bottom, so that his door would "flop open" ... Although Fred convinces him to put his hinges on the top, he puts his hinges on backwards, meaning that his door would not close all the way ... Furthermore, her hinge installation was on in an awkward manner, with half the hinge on the inside and the other half on the outside, meaning that opening and ...
Door Furniture - Hinges
... A hinge is a component that attaches one edge of a door to the frame, while allowing the other edge to swing from it ... A hinge pin is then placed through the two sets of knuckles and usually fixed, to combine the plates and make the hinge a single unit ... One door usually has about three hinges, but it can vary ...
Ajared - Other Hinges
... Butler tray hinge Fold to 90 degrees and also snap flat ... Card table hinge Mortised into edge of antique or reproduction card tables and allow the top to fold onto itself ... Drop leaf table hinge Mounted under the surface of a table with leaves that drop down ...
St. George's Church, Sélestat - Portals
... half of the thirteenth century, has its mediaeval strap hinges still visible ... A second portal is dated to the construction of the nave, around 1220–1230 the doors and hinges are mediaeval, and vine leaves and grapes adorn the door ... Mediaeval door hinges are visible, as well as stonecutters' marks ...
Ajared - Building Access Hinges
... Since at least medieval times there have been hinges to draw bridges for defensive purposes for fortified buildings ... Hinges are used in contemporary architecture where building settlement can be expected over the life of the building ... the Dakin Building, California was designed with its entrance ramp on a large hinge to allow settlement of the building built on piles over bay mud ...

Famous quotes containing the word hinges:

    The common notions that we find in credit around us and infused into our souls by our fathers’ seed, these seem to be the universal and natural ones. Whence it comes to pass that what is off the hinges of custom, people believe to be off the hinges of reason.
    Michel de Montaigne (1533–1592)

    One can only call that youth healthful which refuses to be reconciled old ways and which, foolishly or shrewdly, combats the old. This is nature’s charge and all progress hinges upon it.
    Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860–1904)

    Grown onto every inch of plate, except
    Where the hinges let it move, were living things,
    Barnacles, mussels, water weeds—and one
    Blue bit of polished glass, glued there by time:
    The origins of art.
    Howard Moss (b. 1922)