Hind Wing

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Castalius Rosimon - Description - Male
... Hind wing three basal black somewhat coalescent spots overlaid with metallic blue scaling the costal margin above the subcostal vein and vein 7 black this colour filling also the base of interspace 6, where in some ... Fore wing has a long oblique black band from base outwards to the costa below it and obliquely placed an irregular black somewhat conical mark following these are two outwardly oblique, medially ... Hind wing a transverse basal black band, with an elongate black spot below it on the dorsum a transverse sub-basal line of four well-separated black spots a ...
Chitoria Sordida - Description
... for terms used The males have the upperside of the fore wing darkening towards the apex, the apical two-thirds much darker brown, an oblique discal white band from interspace 6 to tornal angle ... Hind wing uniform, a lunular subterminal dark line inwardly bordered by a row of dark spots, and a terminal row of pale lunules ... Fore wing with the discal band and spots more or less as on the upperside a black, blind, yellow-ringed ocellus, with a dark brown shade in the interspace below it ocellus and brown shading bordered inwardly by ...
Libythea Celtis - Description
... The fore wing has the cell filled with a broad orange-yellow streak which is subapically deeply indented above a small discal orange-yellow spot ... Hind wing uniform, with an irregular curved, transverse, upper postdiscal orange patch extending from just below vein 3 to interspace 6, the portion in interspace 6 often ... Underside ground-colour fore wing brown, apex pale purplish irrorated with minute dark transverse striae and dots, orange markings as on the upperside but paler hind wing uniform pale purplish ...
Catapyrops Ancyra - Description
... Fore and hind wings anticiliary jet-black lines on the hind wing subterminal subequal black spots in interspaces 1 and 2, beyond which there is a terminal white thread that does not extend beyond those two ... If ore wing a pair of short transverse white lines across the middle and another pair at the apex of cell, one on each side of the discocellulars, these latter not extended ... Hind wing the following transverse white, somewhat indistinct lines— two basal, a single line on the inner side of the discocellulars, two irregular and discal, followed by double series of white lunules a white ...
Stichophthalma Sparta - Description
... somewhat brownish shade of the same towards base of fore wing and on hind wing ... Fore wing has a postdiscal transverse row of fleur-de-lys-shaped spots, a subterminal series of broad black lunules, followed by a series of narrow crescentic marks of the ochraceous groundcolour ... Hind wing has a sub-terminal series of black lunules as on the fore wing, giving out inwards a series of large, shafted, roundly lanceolate marks of the same colour ...

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    Fan the sinking flame of hilarity with the wing of friendship; and pass the rosy wine.
    Charles Dickens (1812–1870)

    When people generally are aware of a problem, it can be said to have entered the public consciousness. When people get on their hind legs and holler, the problem has not only entered the public consciousness—it has also become a part of the public conscience. At that point, things in our democracy begin to hum.
    Hubert H. Humphrey (1911–1978)