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Scottish Society - History - Early Union (1707–1832) - Highland Regiments
... The use of Highland Dress was only legitimate in the Highland Regiments, which were raised and incorporated in the British Army in large numbers during the eighteenth century ... The Highland culture was male and martial - many clansmen had no other profession than one of arms, and to them the Highland Regiments were a possibility to continue their way of life here they ... Indeed the formation of these regiments helped to unite the Highlanders and Lowlanders, and give them a shared sense of "Scottishness", by changing the image of Highlanders from being backward and savage ...
Modern Trews and Military Trews
... Until the establishment of the Royal Regiment of Scotland in 2006, military trews were usually worn by members of the lowland Scottish regiments as part of their No 1, mess and full dress uniforms ... Members of highland Scottish regiments were usually authorized to wear kilts with these orders of dress ... However, all Highland regiments, in more recent times, wore trews with less formal orders of barracks and training dress ...
Scottish Regiment - Highland Regiments
... Many of these regiments are also known as "Highland regiments" due to their adopting of Highland dress ... The original Highland regiments were raised in the 18th century with the object of recruiting rank and file solely from the Scottish Highlands ... However due to the Highlands becoming extensively depopulated through the course of the 19th and 20th centuries, the Highland regiments of the British ...

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