High-speed Rail in Spain

High-speed rail in Spain (Spanish: línea de alta velocidad, LAV) consists of five dedicated passenger train main lines. The total length of the network is 2,665 km, making it the longest high-speed rail line in Europe, and the second in the world after China.

Connecting the capital, Madrid, with several of Spain's largest cities, the five lines are named according to their terminus cities. The first line to open was the Madrid–Seville line, followed by the Madrid–Valladolid line, the Córdoba–Málaga line, the Madrid–Barcelona line, and the Madrid–Valencia line. The network is to be greatly expanded during the next decade with most of the Spanish peninsula being connected.

The lines are operated by Renfe, mainly with its long distance AVE (Alta Velocidad Española) service, and other shorter range services (Alvia, Avant).

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