Henry Tudor

Henry Tudor may refer to:

  • Henry VII of England, d.1509
  • Henry VIII of England, d.1547
  • Henry, Duke of Cornwall, son of Henry VIII, d.1511
  • Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond and Somerset, son of Henry VIII and his mistress Elizabeth Blount
  • Henry Hugh Tudor (died 1965), British army Major General

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Thomas Stanley, 1st Earl Of Derby - The Battle of Bosworth
... The Stanleys had been communicating with the exiled Henry Tudor for some time and Tudor's strategy of landing in Wales and heading east into central England depended on ... However, once it was clear that Tudor was marching unopposed through Wales, Richard ordered Lord Stanley to join him without delay ... court, Lord Strange had confessed that he and his uncle, Sir William Stanley, had conspired with Henry Tudor ...
Lewys Glyn Cothi - Life
... Lewys was a supporter of Jasper Tudor, the Earl of Pembroke, and later of Henry Tudor ... city for making a verse prophecy that Henry Tudor would become king ... One of his last poems is addressed to Henry Tudor after the latter had been crowned as King Henry VII ...
Thomas Grey, 1st Marquess Of Dorset - Career
... When the rebellion failed he fled to Brittany to join Henry Tudor, the future Henry VII, who pledged to marry Grey's half-sister Elizabeth and heal the Yorkist/Lancastrian division ... However, just before Henry's successful invasion of England in August 1485, Grey learned his mother had come to terms with Richard III, and was persuaded to desert Henry Tudor ... Paris, as security for the repayment of a loan made to Henry Tudor by the French government, unable to return home until Henry VII was safely installed as king of England ...
Cultural Depictions Of Richard III Of England - Television
... version of the Royal Shakespeare Company performing all three parts of Henry VI and Richard III Adalberto Maria Merli in the Italian serial La Freccia nera (1968), an adaptation of The Black Arrow Péte ... Adder, "The Foretelling" (1983) Ron Cook in the BBC Shakespeare versions of Henry VI, Part 2, Henry VI, Part 3 and The Tragedy of Richard the Third (1983) Andrew Jarvis in the BBC series The Wars of the ... Olivier's depiciton, who is a kind monarch, defeats Henry Tudor at Bosworth Field, but is accidentally killed by bumbling noble Edmund Blackadder (Rowan Atkinson), son of the adult Richard of ...
Henry Wyatt (courtier) - Early Life To 1485
... A younger son of a Yorkshire family, little is known of Henry Wyatt before he adopted the cause of Henry Tudor, later to become king Henry VII ... his privations in prison as a supporter of the Tudor party’s opposition to Richard III in the years 1483-85, and are still to be found recounted as facts ... The aim was to play up the glory days of Henry’s adherence to the Tudor cause, describing him inter alia as ‘his Country’s martyr’ ...

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