Hendrik De Vries

Hendrik De Vries

Hendrik (Henry) de Vries (17 August 1896, Groningen, Netherlands - 18 November 1989, Haren, Netherlands) was a significant Dutch poet and painter. He was an early surrealist, was liberal-minded, and preached vitality. The subconscious mind plays a crucial role in his poetry.

Much his inspiration came from his interest in Spain and Spanish culture. He visited Spain frequently and became proficient enough to write many poems in Spanish.

De Vries had many collections of his poetry, writings, and artworks published during his lifetime. He also contributed to the literary magazine The Getij.

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    We must love one another, yes, yes, that’s all true enough, but nothing says we have to like each other. It may be the very recognition of all men as our brothers that accounts for the sibling rivalry, and even enmity, we have toward so many of them.
    —Peter De Vries (b. 1910)