Heaven's Gate

Heaven's Gate may refer to:

  • Heaven's Gate (religious group), mostly known for a mass suicide in 1997
  • Heaven's Gate (film), a 1980 American film directed by Michael Cimino
  • Heavens Gate (band), a German heavy metal band
  • Heaven's Gate (album), a 2007 album by Norwegian symphonic power metal band Keldian
  • Heaven's Gate (arcade game), a 3D fighting game
  • Heavens Gate Ranch Airport a private use airport in Oakland, Oregon, United States
  • Heaven's Gate, an unofficial live album by the band UFO from 1995
  • "Heaven's Gate", a song by Zion I from Break a Dawn
  • the pearly gates, informal name for the gateway to Heaven in Christian beliefs
  • Heaven's Gate, a powerful secret boss in the video game Gradius Gaiden

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Fire From Heaven (comics)
... "Fire From Heaven" was a company-wide crossover event story arc published by Wildstorm comics in 1996 ... major crossovers of the time, Fire From Heaven had a lasting impact on many of the characters involved ...
Heaven (Bryan Adams Song) - Writing and Recording
... that time, he and Jim Vallance co-wrote "Heaven", which was heavily inspired by the band's hit "Faithfully" ... Since the recording session for "Heaven" was running behind schedule, Adams called Journey drummer Steve Smith, who happened to be in New York at the time and he filled Curry's drumming position ... Adams was unconvinced that "Heaven" was suitable for Reckless, a feeling that was echoed by producer Jimmy Iovine, who was working with Adams at the time ...
... Trishanku is commonly referred to through the phrase "Trishanku's heaven" ... Trishanku wished to ascend to heaven in his mortal body and requested his Guru Vasishta to perform the needful rites to achieve this goal ... it was against the laws of nature for someone with a mortal body to enter heaven ...
Silicon Heaven
... Silicon Heaven is an afterlife concept from the British science fiction comedy series Red Dwarf ... to ensure that they will believe that they will go to Silicon Heaven after a life of servitude to humanity ...
Ba Gua - Bagua Used in Feng Shui - Xiantian Bagua
... In Xiantian Bagua, also known as Fu Xi Bagua or Earlier Heaven Bagua, the Heaven is in the higher part and the Earth is in the lower part ... The trigram Qian (Heaven) is at the top, in the South (in the past, the South was located at the top in Chinese maps), and Kun (Earth) at the bottom, in the North ...

Famous quotes containing the words gate and/or heaven:

    And we, barely recalled from sleep there, sense
    Arrivals lowing in a doleful distance
    Horny dilemmas at the gate once more.
    Come and choose wrong, they cry, come and choose wrong....
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)

    Words whispered on Earth are heard in Heaven like thunder; evil done in dark places the gods see like lightning.
    Chinese proverb.