Hearing may refer to:

  • Hearing (sense), the sense by which sound is perceived
  • Hearing (person), a person who has hearing within normal parameters
  • Hearing (law), a legal proceeding before a court or other decision making body or officer
    • Preliminary hearing
  • Hearing impairment
  • United States congressional hearing

Other articles related to "hearing":

Criticism Of Government Response To Hurricane Katrina - Federal Government Response - Presidential Role - Investigation of State of Emergency Declaration
... In a September 26, 2005 hearing, former FEMA chief Michael Brown testified before a U.S ... During that hearing, Representative Stephen Buyer (R-IN) inquired as to why President Bush's declaration of state of emergency of August 27 had not included the ... request for aid, a decision that he found "shocking." After the hearing, Blanco released a copy of her letter, which showed she had requested assistance for "all ...
Simultaneous Communication
... SimCom or Sign Supported Speech (SSS) is a technique sometimes used by deaf, hard-of-hearing or hearing sign language persons in which both a spoken language ... While the idea of communicating using two modes of language seems ideal in a hearing/deaf setting, in practice the two languages are rarely relayed perfectly ... of the user (usually spoken language for the hearing person and sign language for the deaf person) is the language that is strongest, while the non-native ...
Don't Lose The Music - Objectives
... equipment Experts agree that exposure to sounds over 85 dB over time can cause damage to hearing ... Damage to hearing is caused by a combination of three factors – length of exposure to the noise, the average level of the noise and the peak level of the noise ... variable is individual susceptibility to hearing damage, which varies from person to person ...
Edison Chen Photo Scandal - Hearing and Trial - Chen's Hearing
... lawyers and a magistrate were thus flown out to Vancouver, Canada for a hearing beginning on 23 February 2009 at taxpayers' expense ... Legislator Ronny Tong questioned the "extravagancy" of this hearing, and suggested there may be an easier and cheaper way to collect Chen's evidence ... During the hearing, which was presided over by Supreme Court of British Columbia Justice Elaine Adair, with Hong Kong's Chief Magistrate Tong Man (唐文) as co-commissioner, Chen confirmed that Cecilia ...
Hearing Protectors
... Hearing protectors are devices designed to prevent Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL), a type of post-lingual hearing impairment ...

Famous quotes containing the word hearing:

    Orpheus with his Lute made Trees,
    And the Mountaine tops that freeze,
    Bow themselves when he did sing.
    To his Musicke, Plants and Flowers
    Ever spring; as Sunne and Showres,
    There had been a lasting Spring.
    Every thing that heard him play,
    Even the Billowes of the Sea,
    Hung their heads, and then lay by.
    In sweet Musicke is such Art,
    Killing care, and griefe of heart,
    Fall asleepe, or hearing dye.
    John Fletcher (1579–1625)

    In trying to understand the appeal of best-sellers, it is well to remember that whistles can be made sounding certain notes which are clearly audible to dogs and other of the lower animals, though man is incapable of hearing them.
    Rebecca West (1892–1983)

    The hearing ear is always found close to the speaking tongue; and no genius can long or often utter anything which is not invited and gladly entertained by men around him.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)