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Secrets Of Haunted House - Publication History
... Like its predecessor Secrets of Sinister House, Secrets of Haunted House was originally "hosted" by Cain, Abel, Eve, and Destiny who had moved over from Weird Mystery Tales ... Debuting in April-May 1975, Secrets of Haunted House was a temporary victim of the "DC Implosion." With issue #14 (October-November 1978), it was cancelled, only to be revived a year later ... The series' letter column was titled "The Haunted Mailbox." ...
The Haunted (Canadian Band) - Reissues
... Bomp!, on their Voxx label released two albums of music by The Haunted in 1983, in their series 'Rough Diamonds' on garage bands having more than just a few songs available ... A 22-song CD called The Haunted was released by Voxx in 1995 ... The Voxx CD is (still) the easiest way to get most of The Haunted's catalog ...
Most Haunted: Midsummer Murders
... Most Haunted Midsummer Murders is a spin-off series of the paranormal television series, Most Haunted ...
Spider Hill
... in Chillicothe, Illinois, and touted by the organizers to be Central Illinois' number one haunted house attraction ... and Three Sisters Park and featuring three main attractions The Massacre Mansion The Haunted Express haunted hayride and The Trail of Terror, which walks visitors through the forest ...
Haunted - Video Games
... Haunted (video game), an upcoming game from Deck13 Interactive The Haunted Hells Reach, a 2011 third-person shooter available through Steam ...

Famous quotes containing the word haunted:

    I am haunted by interrupted acts,
    introspective as a leper, enchanted
    by a repulsive clew,
    a gross and fugitive movement of the limbs.
    Is this the love that shook the lights to flame?
    Muriel Rukeyser (1913–1980)

    I am haunted by numberless islands, many a Danaan shore,
    Where Time would surely forget us, and Sorrow come near us no more;
    Soon far from the rose and the lily and fret of the flames would we be,
    Were we only white birds, my beloved, buoyed out on the foam of the sea!
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    The Helicon of too many poets is not a hill crowned with sunshine and visited by the Muses and the Graces, but an old, mouldering house, full of gloom and haunted by ghosts.
    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807–1882)