Hauge Synod

The Hauge Synod, (formal name was Hauge's Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Synod in America) was the name of a Norwegian Lutheran church body in the United States in the late 19th century and early 20th century.

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The Norwegian Lutheran Church In The United States - Early Foundations
... adherents of the lay preacher Hans Nielsen Hauge, who was a devout Lutheran but at odds with the established Norwegian State Church ... Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, known as the Eielsen Synod, founded in 1846 at the Jefferson Prairie Settlement, was to bear his name ... Brandt organized the Synod of the Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, commonly known as the Norwegian Synod ...
Hauge Synod - Background
... The Hauge Synod (Norwegian Hauges norsk lutherske Synode i Amerika) was named after Norwegian revivalist lay preacher Hans Nielsen Hauge ... The synod was "low church" de-emphasizing formal worship and stressing personal faith in the Haugean tradition ... The Hauge Synod was formed in 1876 following a split with The Evangelical Lutheran Church of North America (Eielsen Synod) ...
Bernt B. Haugan - Biography
... Wing Seminary in Red Wing, Minnesota, the educational center and preparatory school of the Hauge Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America ... was ordained a Lutheran Minister and served out his pastorate within the Hauge Synod ... Members of the Hauge Synod were a group of Norwegian-American Lutherans who followed the principles of revivalist Norwegian lay preacher Hans Nielsen Hauge ...