Hash may refer to:

  • Hashish, a psychoactive drug
  • Hash (food), a coarse mixture of ingredients
  • Hash House Harriers, a running club
Hash mark
  • Hash marks, a marking on hockey rinks and gridiron football fields
  • Hatch mark, a form of mathematical notation
  • Service stripe, a military decoration
  • Tally mark, a counting notation
In linguistics
  • Hash symbol or hash mark, the glyph #
  • Hashtag, a form of metadata often used on social networking websites
In computing
  • Hash function, a derivation of data, notably seen in cryptographic hash functions
  • Hash table, a data structure
  • hash (Unix), an operating system command
  • Fragment identifier, in computer hypertext, a string of characters that refers to a subordinate resource
  • Geohash, a spatial data structure which subdivides space into buckets of grid shape
  • Hash chain, a method of producing many one-time keys from a single key or password
In media
  • Hash (film), a 2005 film

Other articles related to "hash":

SUHA (computer Science) - Example
... SUHA can be seen while observing an arbitrary hash table of size 10 and a data set of 30 unique elements ... with collisions, the average chain length of this hash table may be a desirable value ... additional information about the data or hash function, the chain length cannot be estimated ...
Lane (hash Function)
... Lane is a cryptographic hash function submitted to the NIST hash function competition it was designed by Sebastiaan Indesteege with contributions by Elena Andreeva, Christophe De ...
... Unkeyed=40+, Keyed=max(80,40+(d/4)) The MD6 Message-Digest Algorithm is a cryptographic hash function ... With this in mind, Merkle tree hash structures exploit full potential of such hardware while being appropriate for current uni/dual core architectures. 2008, Douglas Held of Fortify Software discovered a buffer overflow in the original MD6 hash algorithm's reference implementation ...
Conficker - Operation - Payload Propagation - Armoring
... variant A payloads are first SHA-1-hashed and RC4-encrypted with the 512-bit hash as a key ... The hash is then RSA-signed with a 1024-bit private key ... Variants B and later use MD6 as their hash function and increase the size of the RSA key to 4096 bits ...
SANDstorm Hash
... The SANDstorm hash is a cryptographic hash function designed in 2008 by Mark Torgerson, Richard Schroeppel, Tim Draelos, Nathan Dautenhahn, Sean Malone, Andrea Walker, Michael Collins, and ... The SANDstorm hash was accepted into the first round of the NIST hash function competition, but was not accepted into the second round ...