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Hanover Branch Railroad - History - Civil War Era
... The Hanover Branch Railroad is associated with historic events during the Civil War ... and Pennsylvania Governor Andrew Curtin from Hanover Junction to Gettysburg on November 18, 1863, where President Lincoln delivered the next day his Gettysburg Address at the ... from Baltimore and Governor Curtin from Harrisburg, the two groups meeting at Hanover Junction and proceeding together on the Hanover Branch to Gettysburg ...
Hanover Branch Railroad
... The Hanover Branch Railroad Company was a railroad that operated in Pennsylvania in the mid-19th century ... (later to become the Northern Central Railway, and then in 1911, the Pennsylvania Railroad) at Hanover Junction, Pennsylvania to Hanover ... Letters patent for the Hanover Branch Co ...
Hanover Branch Railroad - History
... The Hanover Branch Railroad, commonly referred to as the "Old Branch", began construction in 1851 and started operation in 1852 ... of the Western Maryland Railway, the name Old Branch remained ... The Hanover Branch was used to ship a significant volume of iron ore from local mines ...

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