Hana may refer to:

In place names:

  • Hana, Hawaii, a census-designated place in Maui County, Hawaiʻi, United States
    • Hana Highway, long and winding road connecting Hana, Hawaii to the rest of Maui
  • Haná, an ethnic region in Moravia, Czech Republic
  • Hana, Ethiopia a town in the woredas of Selamago, Ethiopia
  • Hana, Iran, a city in Isfahan Province, Iran
  • Hana, Kerman, a village in Kerman Province, Iran
  • Hana, Norway

In film and music:

  • Hana (film), a 2006 Japanese black comedy by Hirokazu Koreeda
  • "Hana" (song), a song by Orange Range
  • "Hana (Mémento Mori)," a song by Mr. Children
  • Hana, an album by Sonim

In Fiction:

  • A young thief named Hana serves as a protagonist in the Young Samurai novel 'The Ring of Water'.

In acronyms:

  • High-Definition Audio-Video Network Alliance or HANA
  • SAP HANA, a column-oriented, in-memory database appliance from SAP AG

In people with the name:

  • Hana (given name), a given name and list of people with the name
  • Ben Hana, New Zealand activist

In other uses:

  • Hana Financial Group Inc., a South Korean holding company
  • Hana, a character in Kamen Rider Den-O
  • The transliterated Korean name for the number "1"

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