Han (Korean Name) - Han and Gojoseon

Han and Gojoseon

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Many Korean historians believe that Gijun of Gojoseon was actually "Hanjun"(한준) of Gojoseon and had the surname Han (韓) not Gi and that all of the Kings of Gija Joseon were of the surname Han (韓). Gija Joseon, which was believed to be of surname Gi, was in reality Han (韓)

There is a controversy on where Gija is from, which is believed to be from the Chinese Shang Dynasty, Gija as a paternal uncle (or brother) of the last emperor of the Chinese Shang Dynasty, King Zhou, however it is likely that Gija is a Dongyi, a native people in the East of China. Gija's and his descendants were also believed to have the surname Han (韓) as King Jun of Gojoseon the last King of Gojoseon and descendant of Gija claimed himself as the King of Han (한왕; 韓王) with the foundation of Mahan part of the Samhan after fleeing from Wiman. With this it shows that the surname Han may have existed since the time of Gija Joseon or Gojoseon and establishes the Han (韓) clan as the oldest surname in Korea dating back to around 5000 years ago, and to have founded and ruled Gojoseon and Mahan

With this Surname Han (韓) is considered one of the Great surnames of Korea which have once been royalties consisting of Han (Gija Joseon) Go (Goguryeo), Buyeo (Baekje), Kim, Bak/Park, Seok (Silla), Dae (Balhae), Wang (Goryeo), Yi/Lee (Joseon)

However there are also many Korean historians which deny any existence of Gija and Gija Joseon, accepting it as a legend.

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