Hague Evidence Convention - Parties To The Hague Evidence Convention

Parties To The Hague Evidence Convention

Countries that ratified
(cumulative by year)

As of February 22, 2009, there are 47 states which are parties of the Hague Evidence Convention. Forty-two of the 68 Hague Conference on Private International Law member states are party to the Hague Service Convention. In addition, five states which are not members of the Hague Conference (Barbados, Kuwait, Liechtenstein, Seychelles, and Singapore) have joined the Hague Service Convention. Article 39 of the Hague Evidence Convention Expressly permits states which are not members of the Hague Conference on Private International Law to acceded to the Convention.

State Date of Ratification Comments
Albania 16 July 2010
Argentina 8 May 1987
Australia 23 October 1992
Barbados 5 March 1981
Belarus 7 August 2001
Bosnia and Herzegovina 16 June 2008
Bulgaria 23 November 1999
China, People's Republic of 8 December 1997 including the Special Administrative Regions
of Hong Kong and Macao
Cyprus 13 January 1983
Colombia 13 January 2012
Croatia 1 October 2009
Czech Republic 28 June 1993 succession of the ratification of Czechoslovakia in 1976
Denmark 20 June 1972
Estonia 2 February 1996
Finland 7 April 1976
France 7 August 1974 Complete territory
Germany 27 April 1979
Greece 18 January 2005
Hungary 13 July 2004
Iceland 10 November 2008
India 7 February 2007
Israel 19 July 1979
Italy 22 June 1982
Kuwait 8 May 2002
Latvia 28 March 1995
Liechtenstein 12 November 2008
Lithuania 2 August 2000
Luxembourg 26 July 1977
Macedonia 13 March 2009
Malta 24 February 2011
Montenegro 16 January 2012
State Date of Ratification Comments
Mexico 27 July 1989
Morocco 24 March 2011
Monaco 17 January 1986
Netherlands 8 April 1981 European Netherlands and Aruba
Norway 3 August 1972
Poland 13 February 1996
Portugal 12 March 1975
Romania 21 August 2003
Russian Federation 1 May 2001
Serbia 2 July 2010
Seychelles 7 January 2004
Singapore 27 October 1978
Slovakia 15 March 1993 succession of the ratification of Czechoslovakia in 1976
Slovenia 18 November 2000
South Africa 8 July 1997
South Korea 14 December 2009
Spain 22 May 1987
Sri Lanka 30 October 2000
Sweden 2 May 1975
Switzerland 2 November 1994
Turkey 13 August 2004
Ukraine 1 February 2001
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 16 July 1976 Including Akrotiri and Dhekelia,
Anguila, Cayman Islands,
Falkland Islands, Gibraltar,
Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey
United States of America 8 August 1972 Including Guam, Puerto Rico
and the Virgin Islands
Venezuela 1 November 1993

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