Hadley Cell

The Hadley cell, named after George Hadley, is a tropical atmospheric circulation that is defined by the average over longitude, which features rising motion near the equator, poleward flow 10–15 kilometers above the surface, descending motion in the subtropics, and equatorward flow near the surface. This circulation is intimately related to the trade winds, tropical rainbelts & hurricanes, subtropical deserts and the jet streams.

There are three primary circulation cells. They are known as the Hadley cell, Ferrel cell, and Polar cell.

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Hadley Cell Expansion
... There is some evidence that the expansion of the Hadley cells is related to climate change ... are located in the areas underneath the descending branches of the Hadley circulation around 30 degrees latitude ... Both idealised and more realistic climate model experiments show that the Hadley cell expands with increased global mean temperature (perhaps by 2 degrees latitude over the 21st century ) this can lead to ...
Atmospheric Circulation - Latitudinal Circulation Features - Hadley Cell
... The Hadley cell mechanism is well understood ... The atmospheric circulation pattern that George Hadley described to provide an explanation for the trade winds matches observations very well ... equatorially along the surface, closing the loop of the Hadley cell and creating the Trade Winds ...
Atmospheric Circulation - Latitudinal Circulation Features - Ferrel Cell
... The Ferrel cell, theorized by William Ferrel (1817-1891), is a secondary circulation feature, dependent for its existence upon the Hadley cell and the ... It behaves much as an atmospheric ball bearing between the Hadley cell and the Polar cell, and comes about as a result of the eddy circulations (the high and low pressure areas) of the mid-latitudes ... (in the Northern hemisphere), it overrides the Hadley cell, and at its northern extent, it overrides the Polar cell ...

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