Habitat Fragmentation

Habitat fragmentation, as the name implies, describes the emergence of discontinuities (fragmentation) in an organism's preferred environment (habitat), causing population fragmentation. Habitat fragmentation can be caused by geological processes that slowly alter the layout of the physical environment (suspected of being one of the major causes of speciation), or by human activity such as land conversion, which can alter the environment much faster and causes extinctions of many species.

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Habitat Fragmentation - Conservation Implications
... Habitat fragmentation is often a cause of species becoming threatened or endangered ... The existence of viable habitat is critical to the survival of any species, and in many cases the fragmentation of any remaining habitat can lead to ... is it preferable to protect the existing isolated patches of habitat or to buy back land to get the largest possible continuous piece of land? This ongoing debate is often ...
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... distributions can occur when suitable habitat is fragmented, which produces fragmented populations, and when that fragmentation becomes so divergent that species movement between one suitable habitat to the ...
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... Habitat fragmentation occurs when human technology encroaches upon the natural habitats of animals ... The most common type of habitat fragmentation across the United States is roadways and highways in forests and other deer-inhabited areas ... Because highways are isolated points of fragmentation, deer wander about them freely because they see little to stay away from ...
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... When habitats become broken apart, one of two things can occur, genetically speaking ... Habitat fragmentation also led to the influx of generalist species into areas where they would not have been, leading to competition and in some cases interbreeding/i ... In this way, habitat fragmentation is essentially an indirect method of introducing species to an area ...
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... on the IUCN Redlist due to a variety of threats, both natural and anthropogenic, including habitat loss, habitat fragmentation, limited reproductive options, and increased predation ... Coupled with the habitat fragmentation faced by the species, this behavior limits the number of sexually mature individuals in each fragment of the population, limiting ... The areas around and inside its habitat are being developed, including paving roads and the promotion of tourism ...

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