Gulong Ng Palad - Season 1 Episodes - Week 3

Week 3

Original Airdate Season Episode # Mega Manila Rating
October 6, 2009 1 6 28.9%
Carding decides to tell Luisa that he loves her. Mimi tries to set them up to be caught.

Luisa avoids Carding but he tricks her to a romantic date where he tells Luisa that he loves her. Luisa is out of words. She leaves him without saying what she feels.

Medel is becoming increasingly bankrupt. She decides to run for mayor.

Tomas is stressed about the family's finances and discovers that he has a heart problem.

Diego becomes close with Luisa's family and they come to love him.

October 7, 2009 1 7 28.9%
Carding again tries to ask Lusia if she loves him and she says no even though she does.

Carding is distraught and speeds on his motorbike and gets into an accident.

Medel runs for mayor but despises the poor.

Saling informs Luisa's family about Carding's accident and Luisa becomes worried. Luisa sneaks out with Saling at night to visit Carding. She confesses to Carding that she loves him even though he's in a coma.

Menang wants to stop running for mayor because she is worried about her son.

October 7, 2009 1 8 28.9%
Carding recovers and he asks if Luisa visited. Menang lies and says that she did not, but that Mimi was there all day and night with him.

Luisa is happy that Carding is fine but thinks twice about the promise she made that she will tell Carding that she loves him.

It seems as if Totoy is in love with Jojo (Diego's sister).

Menang decides to continue running for mayor.

Menang asks Carding why he and Luisa are not talking and if Luisa is the cause of the accident. Carding says no and that everything between them is over because Luisa doesn't love him.

Luisa wants to talk to Carding but is afraid of her mother and Carding's mother.

October 8, 2009 1 9 28.9%
While Carding is recovering he keeps hearing Luisa talking to him.

Carding resolves to go to college in the city with Mimi.

Carding finally talks with Luisa and she admits that she loves him. He is so happy that he cancels his trip to study in the city and Mimi cancels too.

Both Carding and Luisa are happy but know that their mothers will not like the decision.

Totoy and Jojo are not on good terms because Totoy refers to Jojo as a tomboy.

Tomas is having heart problems but doesn't want his family to know.

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