Guiding Principles

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Ministry Of Unification - Aims As of 2008 - Guiding Principles
... Myung-bak administration is guided by four principles pragmatic and result-oriented approaches strict principles and flexible approaches national ... The Lee government will strictly abide by principles but take flexible approaches ... It will hold to the principles of achieving the denuclearization of North Korea and pressing for sincere and effective dialogue ...

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    For the child whose impulsiveness is indulged, who retains his primitive-discharge mechanisms, is not only an ill-behaved child but a child whose intellectual development is slowed down. No matter how well he is endowed intellectually, if direct action and immediate gratification are the guiding principles of his behavior, there will be less incentive to develop the higher mental processes, to reason, to employ the imagination creatively. . . .
    Selma H. Fraiberg (20th century)